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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.

980 - 927 - Pick Pocketing, Gordon Ramsay’s Accident & Steve-O's Tattoo!
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  • 980 - 927 - Pick Pocketing, Gordon Ramsay’s Accident & Steve-O's Tattoo!

    Armie Hammer reflects on his cannibalism accusations. Pick Pocketing is on the rise in Toronto. Gordon Ramsay’s bad cycling accident. Steve-O lets Post Malone tattoo his face. RIP Willie Mays. Jacob Elordi victim of deep fake.

    Thu, 20 Jun 2024 - 1h 36min
  • 979 - 926 - Soulmates, Blocking Someone & baby Names!

    Do Roz and Mocha think they are soulmates? Have we ever had to block a fan because their DM to us was too raunchy? If we could name our kid after a comic book or sci-fiction character, who would it be?

    Wed, 19 Jun 2024 - 34min
  • 978 - 925 - Zombie Apocalypse, Movies We Love & More Time Or Money?

    Who would last longest in a Zombie Apocalypse? Has Mocha added Maurie back on his phone? What is a movie that we loved but could never watch again? Would we rather double the time in our day or double our salary?

    Tue, 18 Jun 2024 - 30min
  • 977 - 924 - Maurie's Birthday, Michael Bunting Calls In & '5In7'!

    We celebrate Maurie’s birthday with a round of ‘5IN7’ & The Johnny Depp School Of Acting! Former Maple Leaf Michael Bunting calls to wish Maurie a happy birthday! A Helluva story of a hospital engagement after a head-on crash! Travis Kelce talks about what he cooks with Taylor Swift.

    Mon, 17 Jun 2024 - 1h 06min
  • 976 - 923 - ‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ – Worst Rap Song & Break Up Etiquette!

    ‘The Roz & Mocha Retro Show’ – We revisit the worst rap song ever back in 2013. Bad break up etiquette & weird pick up ideas.

    Sun, 16 Jun 2024 - 22min
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