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Headagogy, with Steve Pearlman

Headagogy, with Steve Pearlman

Steven J. Pearlman, Ph.D., The Critical Thinking Initiative

Brought to you by The Critical Thinking Institute (theCTInstitute.com), Headagogy disrupts the soft-spoken, NPR-mold for education discussion and does justice to the vibrant, challenging, meaningful, frustrating, empowering, complicated, fulfilling thing that is education, as well as the hardworking, dedicated, heartfelt, and (too often) pissed-off people who are educators. Ferociously serious, chronically sardonic, intolerant of anti-intellectualism, and fed up with disrespect for education and educators, Headagogy is hosted by Steve Pearlman, Ph.D., founder of The Critical Thinking Institute, author of America’s Critical Thinking Crisis, and educator of 30+ years.

63 - ChatGPT - A Loaded Blessing In Disguise?
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  • 63 - ChatGPT - A Loaded Blessing In Disguise?

    Is ChatGPT friend or foe?  Should the whole world, as Australia has done, relegate essay writing to inside classrooms?  Is "the academic essay dead"?  Or is ChatGPT, as some have contended, a tool for critical thinking that we should embrace as a new ally in teaching students?

    As Steve discusses, ChatGPT certainly is a revelation, but no one is really talking about why, and it might not be what you expect.

    Tue, 21 Mar 2023
  • 62 - Rubric Nation: Are We Rubricizing Our Humanity (Part 2)

    Continuing their discussion of the pedagogical, institutional, and societal implications of rubrics and rubricizing, Joe, Michelle, and Steve get into rubrics and questions of ...

    privilege and the expression of structuralized racismthe effort to dismantle public education through standardizationhow rubrics as a concept contribute to the undermining of teaching as a profession, 

    and so much more.

    Wed, 14 Dec 2022
  • 61 - Rubric Nation: Are we Rubricizing our Humanity?

    Steve and the authors of Rubric Nation -- Michelle Tenam-Zemach and Joseph E. Flynn, Jr. -- get into it about all things rubrics and rubricization, as well as whatever it is that we are doing, good and bad, as an educational system regarding teaching, learning, democracy, assessment, studentship, dialogue, politics, critical thinking, teacher training, privilege, race, class, and our greater (and lesser?) humanity.  

    Spoiler alert: it's "a mess."  But that's what makes this discussion particularly deep and interesting.

    Wed, 07 Dec 2022
  • 60 - Frances Valintine: Progressive Teaching; Institutional Shifting

    Steve welcomes futurist Frances Valintine: Founder of MindLab--the Best Start-up in Asia Pacific as judged by Steve Wozniak and Sir Richard Branson in 2014.  Frances is a member of the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs (2022), and named one of the top 50 EdTech Educators in the World by EdTech International (2016).  They discuss progressive teaching practices and the wide-scale implementation of change across New Zealand, and its implications for our conception of educational institutions worldwide.

    Tue, 29 Nov 2022
  • 59 - Academic Rigor-mortis: A possible cure?

    Listen for an in-depth discussion of the rigamarole around academic rigor, including what might be a very surprising--though nonetheless perfectly sensible--root of its challenges. 

    Student vs. faculty conceptions of rigor
    G.I. infections
    "Summer School"

    Tue, 15 Nov 2022
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