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Addicted to Crime Podcast

Addicted to Crime Podcast

Shelby Nankey

Welcome to Addicted to Crime Podcast! Join us for deep, chilling dives into the evil nature of criminals, and let’s take a closer look at their early life and background to see how they got to the day of the crime. This podcast was created in hopes that you can pay closer attention to your surroundings and hopefully stay safe. You can find us anywhere you get your podcasts. Happy listening, thanks for your time, and stay safe!

98 - Samuel Little Part 2
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  • 98 - Samuel Little Part 2

    In this episode, we conclude the terrible life and crimes of Samuel Little. Through the modern DNA technology and ViCap we see them tie an insane number of crimes to him, finally giving more families answers and closure. I will be back in two weeks with a regularly scheduled episode. Stay safe. Don’t forget to rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and to Subscribe on YouTube! Thanks for the support. All unmatched murders occurred between 1970 and 1997. If you have any information you believe will help investigators solve any of these cases, please contact the Texas Rangers at or 1-512-424-2160, or the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or Please check out this website to look at the details and images of the unmatches victims of Samuel Little - Addicted to Crime Podcast is a member of The PodMoth Media Network - Listen to The Lost Signal Podcast wherever you get your podcasts - (Questions/Comments/Case Suggestions/Collab) (Patreon Login or Sign Up/Episode Sources/Merch/etc)

    Mon, 29 May 2023 - 33min
  • 97 - Samuel Little Part 1

    We are going to dissect the life and crimes of transient serial killer, Samuel Little. In between the years 1970-2005, this man ravaged women and tore apart families. We are going to take a look at his early life and try and document his many travels and we will end part one with the attack of an unmatched victim in 1984, and then continue on in part two until we talk about his final arrest. Unfortunately, he chose victims who were 'less dead' and whom police and much of the public frankly didn't care about. But they mattered, their stories and their presence here on earth mattered. RIP to the over 50 people that this worm destroyed. Part 2 drops tomorrow. Until then, stay safe. Don't forget to rate and review the pod on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and Subscribe on YouTube! Thanks for the support. Please checkout this website for the cold cases and unmatched victims images and stories: Addicted to Crime Podcast is a member of The Podmoth Media Network - Listen to Mustachioed Podcastio wherever you listen to podcasts - GET IN TOUCH: (Collab/Questions/Comments/Case Suggestions) (Patreon Sign Up/Login, Episode Sources, Merch, etc.)

    Sun, 28 May 2023 - 36min
  • 96 - The Crimes of Belle Gunness

    Belle Gunness, the Black Widow of the Midwest, lured 14 (or 40!!) men to their deaths at her home in La Porte, Indiana, and her crimes came to light in 1908 when her home burst into flames. What happened to Belle Gunness and what do you believe about who started the fire? Was it all a coverup, or did Belle believe she couldn’t get away, her back was against the wall, and had had enough? Let’s dive into this horrific case and uncover the mystery. I will be back in two weeks with another exciting case. Don't forget to rate/review the show on Apple iTunes and Spotify to support the pod. Stay safe! Addicted to Crime Podcast is a member of The Podmoth Media Network: Please listen to Down and Wordy Podcast and Supernatural Sisters Podcast wherever you like to listen: GET IN TOUCH: (Patreon Sign Up/Login, Episode Sources, Merch) (Collab/Questions/Comments/Case Suggestions)

    Sun, 14 May 2023 - 39min
  • 95 - The Murder of Elijah ”Eli” Lewis

    We are going to talk about the tragic case of little, 5-year old Elijah “Eli” Lewis of New Hampshire. This angel didn’t get a chance at the life he deserved, instead he was sent to live with his sorry excuse of a monster and her boyfriend where he was horrifically killed. A very big trigger warning for child abuse, here. RIP little Eli, fly high. Eli’s Army – Justice for Elijah Lewis – We Are Their Voices NH Checkout Momento Mori Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts - Addicted to Crime Podcast is a member of the PodMoth Media Network -

    Sun, 16 Apr 2023 - 35min
  • 94 - Jesse Pomeroy

    The historical mini today has us looking at the disturbing life and crimes of Jesse Pomeroy, known as America's youngest serial killer. Listener digression advised throughout, however. What he had to endure as a child, and even more so what he inflicted on other children is not for the faint of heart. Truly depraved. Addicted to Crime Podcast is a member of the PodMoth Media Network Checkout Anything Bones Podcast and FMWL Podcast wherever you like to listen

    Thu, 06 Apr 2023 - 31min
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