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I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin

I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin

True Crime Australia

After 25 years working in homicide, former Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin is sitting down across the interview room table from cops, crims, addicts, victims, small-time cheats and big-town lawyers, asking them to share their stories. 

One of the country’s most successful podcasts, I Catch Killers reveals the reality of life and death inside the justice system. Gary talks about the big things with an open mind - good and evil, hope and suffering, joy, tragedy - and redemption. I Catch Killers is a True Crime Australia production.

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342 - Badass female warrior: Dr Felicity Gerry KC Pt.2
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  • 342 - Badass female warrior: Dr Felicity Gerry KC Pt.2

    Dr Felicity Gerry KC dropped out of school to ride horses. But it didn’t stop her becoming a top barrister, representing people accused of some of the most horrific crimes. Moving to Australia over a decade ago, she saw first hand the horrors of Don Dale - including the appalling treatment of one of her clients, who was starved in prison to “take the bite out of him”.


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    Wed, 27 Sep 2023
  • 341 - Defending the fish brain terrorist: Dr Felicity Gerry KC Pt.1

    Dr Felicity Gerry KC fights for people caught up in messy situations - murders, terrorism and war crimes. She represented a terrorist accused of the bomb plot in Federation Square on Christmas Day. She even helped save Mary Jane Veloso from death row just 30 minutes before the young mother was due to face the firing squad. 

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    Sat, 23 Sep 2023
  • 340 - Finding strength at rock bottom: Andrew Truong Pt.2

    Former drug dealer Andrew Truong spent years meeting addicts in secretive locations to sell them their next hit of heroin. But the law soon caught up to him. Thrown into jail with cockroaches and rusty showers, Truong felt like his life was about to end. Ultimately, his new life was just beginning.

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    Wed, 20 Sep 2023
  • 339 - Heroin and highs before the low: Andrew Truong Pt.1

    Drugs, fast cars, cash and beautiful women. That’s all convicted drug dealer Andrew Truong wanted in life. He went from selling party pills at raves to dealing heroin in dingy streets. He was earning more money selling drugs than he was working three day jobs. For two years, Truong’s life revolved around selling drugs and eating Hungry Jacks. Until it all came crashing down.

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    Sat, 16 Sep 2023
  • 338 - ‘I’m also a survivor’: Grace Tame Pt. 2

    Grace Tame was 15 when she was first sexually abused by her teacher. She was a school girl. He was an ex soldier. But the true fighter in this story is Grace. Overcoming the darkest moments of her life, the fearless activist is reclaiming her power while also supporting victims of sexual abuse. 

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    Wed, 13 Sep 2023
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