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Late Night Live - Full program podcast

Late Night Live - Full program podcast

ABC Radio

From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.

1904 - The American town that changed the world, and the history of coffee
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  • 1904 - The American town that changed the world, and the history of coffee

    Author Malcolm Harris tells the story of Palo Alto, the Californian town that became a global powerhouse of capitalism; and Professor Jonathan Morris on the history of coffee - from ancient Ethiopia to the world.

    Thu, 23 Mar 2023 - 53min
  • 1903 - Indigenous update; a broken Lebanon; rats of NYC

    The latest on the Voice referendum and food for thought on Maori democratic representation; Rania Abouzeid mourns the Lebanon of her ancestors and asks whether it can ever emerge from it's nightmare. Plus, the war been waged between man and rat in New York.

    Wed, 22 Mar 2023 - 53min
  • 1902 - Bruce Shapiro on a possible Trump arrest, why the world is running out of fresh water and the feminist philosophies of Periyar

    Bruce Shapiro on Trump's increasingly-likely New York indictment, as the world is running out of fresh water a UN Conference is hoping to find some urgent solutions and we meet the Indian feminist philosopher Periyar and find out why his ideas are so important today.

    Tue, 21 Mar 2023 - 00min
  • 1901 - Laura Tingle on AUKUS and Paul Keating, Satyajit Das says another GFC looms and AFTRS turns 50

    Laura Tingle says the substance of Paul Keating's arguments should be the focus of public debate rather than the manner in which he delivers them, former banker Satyajit Das says the collapse of two major banks is another indication we are on the verge of another Global Financial Crisis and Director Gillian Armstrong reflects on why Australia should cherish its national film, TV and radio school.

    Mon, 20 Mar 2023 - 53min
  • 1900 - The invasion of Iraq, 20 years on

    The 19th of March 2003 marked the beginning of the invasion of Iraq by the United States and the 'Coalition of the Willing'. 20 years on, award-winning Iraqi journalist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad reflects on how the invasion transformed his country; and former Australian diplomat to the Middle East Robert Bowker shares his own memories, and considers Australia's legacy in the Arab world.

    Thu, 16 Mar 2023 - 53min
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