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ABC KIDS News Time

ABC KIDS News Time

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Every Friday, join Ruby for News Time as she counts down the week’s most interesting news stories for kids. From amazing animals to special events, the natural world to outer space, News Time is made especially for children to help them understand the world around them.

555 - Old school phones and DJ tones
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  • 555 - Old school phones and DJ tones

    Today's episode starts with a mystery illness affecting the raucous rainbow lorikeet. We'll hear about people swapping smartphones for older ones, and a teen DJ spinning tracks in front of huge crowds. Then, we'll spend time with some first nations gamers, before flying over to our Wow of the Week. Quiz Questions 1. Which Rainbow Lorikeet behaviour have scientists asked everyday people to keep an eye on? 2. Why would someone swap a smartphone for an old style phone? 3. Which sporting tournament did Cooper DJ at? 4. What's the name of the gaming group for First Nations gamers? 5. What light source did moths usually use to help them fly straight? Bonus Tricky Question What can we do to help moths not get trapped in the glow of street lights? Answers 1. What they're eating 2. So they aren't addicted/ can focus more on everyday life 3. Australian Open - Tennis 4. BlackoutGG 5. The moon Bonus Tricky Answer Make sure the lights point down, and not emit light in all directions

    Fri, 16 Feb 2024 - 12min
  • 554 - Robot road repair and reptile rescuer

    Today, we'll drive around with a road-fixing robot, and tag along with a seasoned snake catcher. Then, we'll celebrate Lunar New Year before paddling the harbour in specially decorated kayaks. Quiz Questions What will the robot ARRES spend its time filling? Why can't Paul retire from being a snake catcher? Which animal is it this year in the Chinese Zodiac? Which harbour will people be able to cruise around in the kayaks? What's the name of the helicopter on Mars? Bonus Tricky Question How long did scientists expect the helicopter to work for, and how long did it actually work for? Answers Potholes No one wants to take over his job Dragon Sydney Harbour Ingenuity Bonus Tricky Answer They expected 30 days, but it worked for three years

    Fri, 09 Feb 2024 - 12min
  • 553 - Mooing mystery and movie musician

    Today, we'll meet a quick-thinking kid who helped save his dad's life! Then we'll mooooove onto a story about some stuck stock! We'll also watch some silent movies with a magnificent musician! And we'll meet a young footy player who is setting an example by standing up for herself. Quiz Questions 1. What number can you dial in an emergency? 2. What colour is the new bull discovered on the island? 3. What's going to happen at the cinema when Ron retires? 4. What sport does Sophie play? 5. In which rainforest did people rediscover an ancient city? Bonus Tricky Question What's the word for when Ron, or another musician, makes up the music as they go along? Answers 1. Triple 0, zero zero zero, 000 2. Black 3. Someone new will take over the job, and the silent movie tradition will continue 4. AFL 5. Amazon Bonus Tricky Answer Improvise

    Fri, 02 Feb 2024 - 11min
  • 552 - Egg-cellent discovery and accessible island

    On the show today, I'll shell out the details on an odd-shaped egg, and we'll chat about International Day of Education. We'll head to the other side of the world to meet the new Queen of Denmark, and then back, much closer to home, to visit the newly-accessible Abrolhos Islands. Then finally, it's time for the story that made you go 'wow' - an eight-legged Wow of the Week. Quiz Questions What happened to make the hen lay a round egg? What's the theme for International Day of Education this year? Can you name one of the changes Chris made so she could visit the Abrolhos islands? Which country is Mary now the Queen of? What will the reptile park do with Hercules? Bonus Tricky Question Which Australian state is Queen Mary from? Answers We're not sure! Learning for lasting peace Using a chairlift to get onto the plane, or using a water scooter to get around in the water Denmark Milk him, to make anti-venom Bonus Tricky Answer Tasmania

    Fri, 26 Jan 2024 - 12min
  • 551 - Magpie maths and moon mission trouble

    On the show today, we'll meet a mini-mathematician and hear her ideas about magpies. Then, we'll give tired Queensland teddies some TLC, before heading into outer space with a moon lander unlikely to complete its mission. After that, we'll hear about some awesome work going on a little island down south, before we hear the Wow of the Week.  Quiz Questions Who do magpies seem to like swooping the most? What was one of the names of Vyvian's toys? Hint: There were two What is the moon lander called? What kind of animal do rangers want to reintroduce to the little island? Which piece are you trying to protect in a game of chess? Bonus Tricky Question What did Bodhana come in the competition? Answers Tall men with no hair Pink Bear or Koala The Peregrine Lander Wombats King Bonus Tricky Answer 73rd, and was the highest ranked female player.

    Fri, 19 Jan 2024 - 12min
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