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Crime Insiders, a LiSTNR Original Production, takes you beyond true crime. In groundbreaking interviews, explore the world of policing, forensics, and more through the stories of the world’s most experienced and decorated experts.

50 - FORENSICS: The Murder of the Vampire Gigolo
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  • 50 - FORENSICS: The Murder of the Vampire Gigolo

    It started with a bite, and ended in a violent shooting. Forensics employed unique techniques to help crack not only the murder, but the complex circumstances that led to it. 

    Richard Bassed is one of Australia's most experienced forensic odontologists. His work is complex and important in solving high profile murders - like that of The Vampire Gigolo - but also, in identifying victims of mass fatalities and mass disasters. 

    Unpack his work with host Kathryn Fox, and understand how forensic odontology is helping to solve and prevent crime in Australia. 

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    Tue, 19 Sep 2023
  • 49 - DETECTIVES: The Blue Mountains Double Murder

    A case that started a manhunt, and ended in tragedy. A quiet town in the Blue Mountains, thrown into chaos by a shooting and the police's effort to track down the offender. 

    Alan Leek is a 35 year veteran of the NSW Police. He spent almost his entire career as a detective; investigating high stakes and high profile investigations. For much of his life, violent crime was on his door step, and it was up to him to take it on - whilst balancing, life, family and more.

    Join host Brent Sanders as he unpacks Alan's career, and gains an understanding of how he had such a long and successful career in the force. 

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    Sun, 17 Sep 2023
  • 48 - FORENSICS: The Golden State Killer

    A first hand account of how the GSK case was solved, the science used in Australia to crack similar cases and the ethical complexities that are muddying the waters. 

    The case of the Golden State Killer puzzled police and amateur sleuths for decades. Then, in April 2018, a Sacramento man was arrested and charged. How did police find their man, and what led them to him after years of nothing but cold clues and lack of leads?

    Genealogy is a complex, and often misunderstood science. But, according to Professor Dennis McNevin, an expert in the field of forensic genetics, it's a technique police are becoming more and more interested in, and something we could see used in Australia very soon. 

    Join host Kathryn Fox as she unpacks Dennis' work and career, and dives into cases like the Golden State Killer and the Somerton man. 

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    Tue, 12 Sep 2023
  • 47 - DETECTIVES: The Eastwood Shopping Centre Shooting

    A single incident, can lead police down a path, which if they're not taken off, can lead to horrific consequences.

    Beth Docksey had an illustrious career in the force, and should be recognised as one of NSW Police's shining lights. However, it took a surge of immense courage and resilience to get to where she is now. After a critical incident at the Eastwood Shopping Centre in Sydney - her husband Glenn began down a path that not many understood, one which culminated in a horrific incident years later.

    The Crime Insiders team would like to extend a sincere thanks to Beth Docksey for giving her time and candour for this interview. Brent and the whole team would like to thank her for her service, and her continued work in bringing awareness to the challenges of mental health in policing. 

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    Sun, 10 Sep 2023
  • 46 - FORENSICS: Responding to Violent Crimes

    Comedian Eurydice Dixon and student Aya Maasarwe were both victims of horrific crimes. The first responding forensic expert to those scenes was Jo Glengarry. She facilitated the investigation and performed the forensic tasks which contributed to convictions. 

    Understand Professor Glengarry's process when being a first responding forensic expert to violent and confronting scenes, and understand the personal and professional toll that these cases had on her. 

    Host Kathryn Fox talks to Jo about  and understands the nature of these crimes and how forensic experts respond and what processes go into facilitating a successful conviction.  

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    Tue, 05 Sep 2023
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