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Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells! Theme Music: Audio Network

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    Alec Baldwin announces a new family reality show that will air on TLC. The video teaser offers a glimpse into the Baldwin family, with seven young children and a marriage with a 25-year age gap between the couple. The announcement is just in time for the July start of Baldwin's manslaughter trial.

    Baldwin’s attorneys have planned their defense around convicted armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed not testifying against Alec Baldwin at trial. If the defense can prevent Gutierrez-Reed from testifying, Baldwin's team can use her own words and conviction to lay the blame for the shooting squarely on her shoulders.

    Baldwin's team also claims that anything Gutierrez-Reed would offer is already available in her previous statements, and giving her immunity from prosecution and the freedom to claim whatever she wants could be highly prejudicial to their case.

    Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin is facing a second lawsuit involving the movie "Rust". Baldwin is accused of assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and the lawsuit accuses an even larger group of crew members of negligence. The lawsuit filed by Halyna Hutchins’ parents and sister, as well as the script supervisor on the movie, Mamie Mitchell, who was standing next to Halyna Hutchins when she was shot.  Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, already found guilty of involuntary manslaughter as the armorer on the movie set, is also named in this lawsuit.

    Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Hutchins' parents and sister in a civil suit against Baldwin, claims the new reality show is a calculated public relations move to influence the jury pool in New Mexico, making Baldwin out to be a compassionate family man.

    Joining Nancy Grace Today: 

    Darryl Cohen – Former Assistant District Attorney (Fulton County, Georgia) Former Assistant State Attorney (Florida), and Defense Attorney: Cohen, Cooper, Estep, & Allen, LLC; Facebook: “Darryl B Cohen;” X: @DarrylBCohen Dr. John Delatorre –  Licensed Psychologist and Mediator (specializing in forensic psychology); Psychological Consultant to Project Absentis: a nonprofit organization that searches for missing persons; X, IG, and TikTok – @drjohndelatorre Johonniuss Chemweno – Film and TV Safety Expert – CEO, VIP StarNetwork; X: @johonniuss_j Paul Szych – Former Police Commander; Author: “StopHimFromKillingThem” on Amazon Kindle; X: @WorkplaceThreat;  Screen Actors Guild-Eligible Actor Kayla Brantley  -  Reporter-At-Large for, X: @_KaylaBrantley, Instagram: @KaylaBrantley  

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    Wed, 12 Jun 2024
  • 3869 - Crime Alert 06.12.24

    Man pretends to be roadside assistance, sex assaults waiting victim. Woman tries to steal a car during a test drive!

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    Wed, 12 Jun 2024

    Geoffrey Hauptman kisses his wife goodbye as he leaves for work.

    Moments later, he calls Betsy Hauptman telling her to lock the doors and check on the children because someone’s passed out in the front yard. As he calls 911, Betsy Hauptman goes from room to room, locating 5 of 6 children. Timothy is missing.

    Betsy Hauptman meets her husband at the front door, hysterically explaining she can’t find Timothy. With tears in his eyes, Geoffrey Hauptman shakes his head at his wife, and she screams. The body in the front yard is Timothy, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Security cameras show Timothy sitting in the family car in the driveway for two hours the night before, frantically scrolling on his cellphone. Sumter, South Carolina PD, collected Timothy’s phone and his school Chromebook.

    Just before his death, Timothy changed the passcode on his phone, so detectives focused on the task of unlocking it. Betsy Hauptman tells Detective Kelsey Wade that Timothy mainly communicated over Snapchat, and Wade issues a subpoena for the teen’s account. Eleven weeks go by with no answers, despite Hauptman calling twice a week. Wade finally informs Hauptman investigators that they are submitting a second Snapchat subpoena, along with a subpoena for Timothy’s Cash App activity.

    A month later, Sumter PD unearthed dozens of suicide notes addressed to family and friends. They also find an extensive call and text record with an unsaved phone number with a New York area code. The texts included links to a second Snapchat account Timothy used.

    Messages on that account reveal Timothy sent a stranger $35 a day to prevent them from posting an explicit photo of him online. One of Timothy’s last messages begged the stranger to stop, reading, “Please, I’m just a child.”

    Joining Nancy Grace Today: 

    Betsy Hauptman  - Timothy Barnett's Mother Joe Cunningham - Victim's Family Lawyer  Titania Jordan – BARK CMO Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Parenting Office Detective Rich Wistocki: Child Crime Expert, President of BeSure Consulting (30 years), 23-year SWAT team member; Formed the Will County Illinois States Attorney’s High Technology Crimes Unit that made over 90 sexual predator arrests in its first 3 ½ years.  Ashley Jones - Reporter and Anchor WIS News 10 in South Carolina

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    Tue, 11 Jun 2024
  • 3867 - Crime Alert 06.11.24

    Missouri homeowner facing eviction kills court employee delivering the news, and cop responding to the first shooting. This perp isn't the average trespasser! 

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    Tue, 11 Jun 2024

    Seraya Aung Harmon's mother, Samara Harmon, joins us on today's "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace."

    Samara Harmon and Aaron Aung welcome a daughter, Seraya in early May 2022. While the parents split shortly after Seraya’s birth, they share custody of the happy toddler with a big personality. When Seraya is about 18 months old, Aung proposes to his new girlfriend, Nadia Cole.

    On June 3, Samara Harmon drives to the exchange location to pick up daughter Seraya from her father, Aaron Aung. When Aung doesn’t arrive 30 minutes later, he starts to worry. Aung isn’t answering her calls or texts. Harmon reaches out to Aung’s parents, who inform her that Aung planned to take Seraya camping at Flathead Lake, Montana for the week.

    Harmon discovers Aung’s fiancé is also unaccounted for, and immediately reports her daughter missing. Aaron Aung’s fiancé, Nadia Cole, sets out to join her family for a planned trip to Italy, to celebrate her recent graduation from Washington State University.

    Aung stays behind to pick up his daughter Seraya from Pullman for their week together. The Cole family makes it to their gate at Seattle’s SeaTac airport, and Nadia leaves her luggage with them while she runs to the restroom. She never returns.

    Just after 3 p.m., surveillance video shows Cole hastily leaving the airport,  getting on a light rail train to downtown Seattle, and appearing distressed.



    Samara Harmon - Seraya's Mom Tara Malek – Bosie, ID, Attorney & Co-owner of Smith + Malek; Former State and Federal Prosecutor; X: @smith_malek Dr. Angela Arnold – Psychiatrist, Atlanta GA. Expert in the Treatment of Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology: Emory University, Former Medical Director of The Psychiatric Ob-Gyn Clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital Jason Jensen – Private Investigator (Jensen Private Investigations), Cold Case Expert (Salt Lake City, UT), and Co-founder: “Cold Case Coalition;” Investigations; X: @JasonJPI, Facebook/Instagram: “Jensen Investigations” Lauren Conlin – Investigative Journalist, Host of The Outlier Podcast, and also Host of “Corruption: What Happened to Grant Solomon; X- @Conlin_Lauren/ Instagram- @LaurenEmilyConlin/YouTube- @LaurenConlin4

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    Mon, 10 Jun 2024
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