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The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by GiveMeTheVIN.com. Every week we talk about cars, sports, sex, drugs and rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won’t get us fined by the FCC. Also you can listen to the full library of older shows on PodBean by searching ”The John Clay Wolfe Show+”.

413 - #449 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.20.24
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  • 413 - #449 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.20.24

    Cheer up friends, the good news is that the Wolfe Pack is in extremely rare good form this week--and the better news? It's 420! (A disclaimer: if 420 holds no significance for you, please disregard this part of the message...it seemed like a great idea at the time, so...give us a quick breath mint and visine break, ok?) We've got a BIG show for you this time around, with LOTS of highly entertaining skits, bits, and raucous conversation you'll find tangential to that "secret" number we mentioned...and it's all in pursuit of a high old time: Johnny C. is in high spirits, freshly back from a mini work trek to Florida, and many details about his travels...he's also got big plans on the way, with Foghat coming to play our little home town of Walnut Springs in one week! And of course, there's a world of sports, music, and car biz know-how that you won't want to miss. And speaking of misses, Miss Gigi has got suitors aplenty, with a new Mail from Jail prospective husband-to-be offering his hand (and whole body for that matter), a Wolfe Pack Jeopardy near-loss that's as hilarious as it is heartbreaking, and plenty of that savvy, groovy "Gigi-ness" that we all adore...JD has got some WILD spins on the news and world events coverage that only he can bring (and some "Remember When?" stories to tell on John, now that Mrs. Wolfe has forgotten them); and Bobbo, PreKay, and the Colonel Mike Turley bring up the blunt end with enough smokin' hot fun stuff to keep us all laughing out loud! And don't forget, our old friends Tiger King Joe Exotic, Johnny Cash, Tiger Woods' mom, and a whole lot more are stopping by to fly right along with us! So keep your munchies handy, and...hey. Got a light? Thanks, man. You're a righteous dude.  And on a bittersweet note: Johnny C. has had some very sad news about the passing of an old friend of the show (and a lifelong personal friend), the one and only Aaron Washabaugh--and we pay our respects on this week's show in a way that only we can...we miss you already, old buddy. This one's for you.

    Sat, 20 Apr 2024 - 2h 29min
  • 412 - JCW ARCHIVE: Christmas at Fu King Diner [Prank call]

    It's a celebration! Our reverend friend is looking for a place to host his Christmas party and what better than the local Chinese restaurant! Our favorite prankster Bobbo checks the temperature of the Pu Pu Hot Pot to see if they'll play ball, but it seems like they're not in the Christmas spirit. These fortune cookies can be tough to crack so we even have some outtakes! Wear something you can get wet!   Thanks for joining us for this week's #JCWPodcast #JCWArchive. Please don't forget to Like, Share, and most importantly, Subscribe--to make sure you get the latest John Clay Wolfe Show materials as soon as they're released! So keep an eye out for those little shrimp tempuras...and we'll see you Saturday

    Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 10min
  • 411 - #448 John Clay Wolfe 04.13.24

    Partner, we'll hang our hat on this: if all work and no play makes Johnny C. a dull boy, you'll be happy to know--we're all play for this episode! And yeah, we've got Big Star Power, too. Foghat's Roger Earl is on, to drum up the band's upcoming show in our own little home town of Walnut Springs on April 27th (get your tickets NOW at jcwshow.com!) to talk some cars and music and on-the-road Rock n' Roll stories, and have a short chat with our old pal Keith Richards, Joe Exotic, the Tiger King himself, calls in to tell us the latest from Federal prison and his bid for President...and that's just the top of our bucket of fun! We'll also dig into the results of John's 'Battle In the Eclipse' motocross race between Give Me the Vin and Richard Rawlings' Gas Monkey Garage, look back at the life, career, and infamous criminal history of the late OJ Simpson, a new transgender ban in college athletics (and our own little opinions, of course), a knock down drag out round of Wolfe Pack Jeopardy, and as always, we've got our own inimitable take on what's going on in the car biz (including classics and exotics!), sports, world news and politics, and more! So grab a fresh Natty Light and prepare to be entertained--the Wolfe Pack has what you need!

    Sat, 13 Apr 2024 - 2h 31min
  • 410 - JCW ARCHIVE: Crouching Man, Hidden Dookie

    Get ready for some crappy humor becasue were on the look out for a dookie bandit! After somebody blasts the urinal with a fresh, unwanted delivery, the John Clay Wolfe show is left in SHAMBLES trying to figure out what happened and who dunnit?!. There's only one man for the job, P.I. Pre Kay and he's going to get to the bottom of this. The culprit might be closer than you think...   Thanks for joining us for this week's #JCWPodcast #JCWArchive. Please don't forget to Like, Share, and most importantly, Subscribe--to make sure you get the latest John Clay Wolfe Show materials as soon as they're released! So keep an eye out for Sh!tty Larry...and we'll see you Saturday

    Fri, 12 Apr 2024 - 09min
  • 409 - #447 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.06.24

    Well friend, we hope you bet on the Wolfe Pack this week, because we're Aces High and banking on a damned good time! First things first: after WAY too long of a wait, Johnny C's old friend Joe Exotic, the "Tiger King" is back! And he's got all kinds of stories about his move from Fort Worth Federal prison to a posh, plush county facility in Florida--where he's a lot happier, and STILL telling it like it is (you're gonna LOVE this interview)...PLUS, this week's round of Wolfe Pack Jeopardy is a knock-down drag-out fight that you're not going to want to miss, John's got some sly, wise insight on what's going on in the wholesale car market (including Classics and Exotics, so you wannabees take note!). We've also got a ton of news and politics from our Current Events scholar, the Honorable JD Ryan, lots of laughs with our old friends Johnny Cash, the World's Biggest SOB, and Mango the Male Gigolo, and don't forget Letters to Gigi, our tribute to Merle Haggard in the BackTrax, and of course, this being an extra-long, bonus-sized show, we skipped buying by the case and picked up a whole keg of Natty Light! So have a brew and sit a spell. The Wolfe Pack's throwin' a party, yo!

    Sat, 06 Apr 2024 - 3h 01min
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