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12190 - A revamp for Title IX
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  • 12190 - A revamp for Title IX

    The Joe Biden administration announced highly anticipated updates to Title IX. The new rule expands protections for LGBTQ+ students and sexual assault survivors. But it stops short of addressing the rights of trans athletes. Then, we’ll get into the outrageous hoops rich people jump through to get out of paying state taxes. Plus, we’ll weigh in on swapping seats on airplanes and more in a round of Half Full/Half Empty!

    Here’s everything we talked about today:

    “How to Avoid State Taxes? New York Rich Use Private Jets” from Bloomberg

    “New Title IX rules protect LGBTQ+ students, avoids trans athletes” from AP News

    “New Title IX rules offer ‘comprehensive coverage’ for LGBTQ+ students and sexual violence survivors” from The 19th

    “As drive-thrus get bigger, some cities aren’t lovin’ it” from Marketplace

    “Make robots like Boston Dynamics’ new Atlas hairy” from The Verge

    “Washington, D.C., is a test case for phasing out the tipped minimum wage” from Marketplace

    “Pringles Crocs: New shoes, ankle holster and crisp flavor unveiled” from Axios

    “The Four Most Divisive Words on a Flight: Will You Swap Seats?” from from The Wall Street Journal

    We love to hear from you. Send your questions and comments to makemesmart@marketplace.org or leave us a voicemail at 508-U-B-SMART.

    Sat, 20 Apr 2024 - 31min
  • 12189 - It’s a good time to be an asset owner

    Thanks to a strong stock market and record home prices, asset owners are feeling richer, even if it’s only on paper. Today, we get into the “wealth effect” and how it may play out in the presidential election. Also: Higher prices slow Procter & Gamble sales, the “catastrophic” halt to a Baltimore port business, and why companies change the metrics they report to investors.

    Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 25min
  • 12188 - Fed leaders echo calls for caution

    Stocks close mixed; Chicago Fed president says inflation progress has stalled; American Express profits rise; Netflix to stop reporting quarterly membership numbers.

    Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 01min
  • 12187 - Raising rates is not completely off the table

    The message from several officials at the Federal Reserve this week? Don’t expect an interest rate cut anytime soon. And we’ll discuss why there’s a chance that “higher for longer” may not be the end of it. Plus, hospitality businesses in New York City say they’re struggling to fill open jobs. New migrants arriving in the city could help solve that problem — if they get authorized to work.

    Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 06min
  • 12186 - EPA designates forever chemicals as hazardous

    The designation applies to chemicals long used in consumer goods; Israel’s credit rating gets a downgrade from S&P; France requires shrinkflation warnings; American Express profits jump on more consumer spending.

    Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 01min
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