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Playback Theatre Talks

Noa Leibu

This podcast is for playbackers, playback fans, art therapists and performers. The purpose of the podcast is to share knowledge, to learn and to empower and support the playback theater community. I will be hosting playbackers from all around the world to talk about different aspects of playback theatre and about their journeys as playbackers. The host of the podcast is- Noa Leibu (MA), Playback theater conductor and founder of "Story-Lane Playback Theatre", an international Playback Theater group in Berlin.

26 - #25: Noa Leibu- Solo Playback Theatre
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  • 26 - #25: Noa Leibu- Solo Playback Theatre

    This episode of playback theatre talks is a special episode. 

    This time I, Noa Leibu, will be interviewed by Chetnaa Mehrotra, a playbacker and a friend who has been on the podcast in the past.

    This time, Chetnna and I will talk about Solo Playback Theatre, which is a playback Theatre practice with only one person who is acting.

    I will share my experience practicing solo playback and I will answer the following questions-

    What is Solo Playback Theatre and what is it like to practice playback without a troupe?
    What are the benefits and what are the limitations of Solo Playback?
    What led me to practice Solo Playback?
    What does one need to take under consideration before practicing Solo Playback?

    You can find out more about my work if you visit my website- story-lane.com or visit my YouTube channel- https://www.youtube.com/@story-laneplaybacktheatre1565

    Please join us for another episode of playback theatre talks.

    Sun, 27 Aug 2023 - 1h 00min
  • 25 - #24: Tzveta Baliyska- Community, Leadership and Playback Theatre Gatherings

    Tzveta Baliyska is an actress, conductor and Playback Theatre Trainer, founder and director of Playback Theatre “Here and Now” and '"Dramedy Playback Theatre". She is a member of the board of directors of the Center for Playback Theatre since 2021. Founder and director of the annual Bulgarian Playback Theatre Gatherings from 2014. Tzveta was also the director and leader of the team of the European Playback Theatre Gathering 2022 in Sofia.

    In this episode of playback theatre talks, I am talking with Tzveta about her experience organizing a playback theatre conference in a time of instability.

    Tzveta and I also talked about crises, conflicts and leadership and about establishing and supporting a local playback community. Tzveta also told me what it's like to teach playback to her daughter.

    Mon, 10 Apr 2023 - 1h 17min
  • 24 - #23: Myriam Verzat- Nonviolent Communication and Playback Theatre

    Nonviolent Communication is a set of communication tools that priorities the quality of our relationships over being right or wrong or over winning or losing.

    In the current episode I am talking with Myriam Verzat, a playbacker and Nonviolent Communication trainer from Canada.  

    Myriam and I will be talking about playback theatre and nonviolent communication, which we will refer to as NVC during the interview.

    Please join us and learn about NVC and the connection of the method to playback theatre.

    You can find more information about NVC here
    You can find more information about Myriam here

    Wed, 15 Feb 2023 - 1h 13min
  • 23 - #22: Meet the Playback Troupe- Yonder

    The current episode of Playback Theatre Talks is a part of a new series dedicated to playback companies from around the world.

    In this episode I am talking with the members of Yonder- Roman Kandibur (Ukraine), Andrey Utenkov (Ukraine), Igor Lubitov (Russia) and Marat Mairovich (Israel).
    Yonder is a Russian speaking ensemble that is operating online and exploring topics like myths and archetypes using playback theatre. In the current episode of playback theatre talks we will talk about the effect of the political tension between Russia and Ukraine and the impact it has on the group. We will also talk about what it's like being a men's PT troupe. And we will hear about Yonder's upcoming performance "The Edge".

    For more details about Yonder, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/TAMplayback/

    Sun, 05 Dec 2021 - 27min
  • 22 - #21: Hani Al Rstum- Playback Theatre in Exile: Working with stories of refugees

    Hani Al Rstum is a Syrian playbacker, psychotherapist and activist that is living in Belgium.

    In this special episode Hani will share with me his experience as a refugee and the role that playback theatre played in his life while he was living in exile.

    The first part of the episode is dedicated to Hani's story as a refugee in Syria.

    In the second part of our talk Hani and me will talk about playback theatre in conflict zones and about what should we keep in mind when doing playback theatre with refugees.

    Sat, 09 Oct 2021 - 1h 08min
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