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The Azure Podcast

The Azure Podcast

Cynthia Kreng, Kendall Roden, Cale Teeter, Evan Basalik, Russell Young and Sujit D'Mello

Short podcasts on various topics related to the Microsoft Cloud platform.

458 - Episode 494 - Inside Azure Resource Manager
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  • 458 - Episode 494 - Inside Azure Resource Manager

    We are fortunate to have Vlad Joanovic to give us the valuable insights into ARM. He shares the importance of ARM in Azure, provides details on performance and reliability investments and gives us tips on how to make effective use of it to deploy and manage your workloads in Azure.   Media file: YouTube: Resources: Other updates: Public preview: Azure Log Analytics enhances resilience with workspace replication across regions | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure Update on Inter-Availability Zone Data Transfer Pricing | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure General availability: ExpressRoute Seamless Gateway Migration | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure App Service Environment version 1 and version 2 will be retired on 31 August 2024 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

    Thu, 23 May 2024
  • 457 - Episode 493 - Azure Advisor

    The team catches up with Priyanka Khare to learn about recent advancements in Azure Advisor and how customers can use Advisor to help ensure their workloads are more stable. Media file: YouTube:   Resources: Azure Advisor: Advisor - Microsoft Azure Advisor Workbooks: Advisor Workbooks Advisor WAF Assessments: Advisor WAF Assessments Advisor Recommendations: Advisor Recommendations Advisor Manage Reviews: Advisor Manage Reviews What's new on Azure Advisor: What's new in Azure Advisor - Azure Advisor | Microsoft Learn   Engage with Microsoft for a Resiliency Review: Azure Advisor resiliency reviews - Azure Advisor | Microsoft Learn  

    Wed, 01 May 2024
  • 456 - Episode 492 - April News Roundup

    Evan and Sujit catch up on a number of recent news items in the Azure space spanning Networking, Open AI and IBM Mainframes??? Media file: YouTube:   Resources: General availability: Azure Virtual Network encryption availability in all regions | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure Azure Data Box Disk is now available with hardware encryption | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure General availability: HBv4-series & HX-series VMs are now available in Sweden Central. | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure   Public Preview – DR for Shared Disks – Azure Site Recovery | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure Using Azure OpenAI speech to create our intro/exit segments in the podcast

    Fri, 19 Apr 2024
  • 455 - Episode 491 - Azure Service Retirement Workbook

    The team talks with Amit Bajaj about the new Retirement Workbook customers can use to keep track of services they are using that are being retired.   Media file: YouTube: Resources: Prepare migration of your workloads impacted by service retirements. - Azure Advisor | Microsoft Learn Azure Service Retirement Workbook (  Visualize Azure Service Retirements (  3-Year Notification Subset - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn   Other updates: Public preview: Public IP Domain Name Label Scope | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure Public preview: Database watcher for Azure SQL | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure Public Preview: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on VMware | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

    Tue, 09 Apr 2024
  • 454 - Episode 490 - Azure API Center

    Russell and Evan discuss the preview Azure API Center with Julia Kasper, Microsoft's Product Manager.   Media file: YouTube: Resources: Request features/raise issues on API Center functionality: Issues · Azure/api-center-preview ( Video on API governance with APIC: Mastering API Governance with Azure API Center ( Sign up for updates and news: Stay in touch with Azure API Center! ( Other updates: Public Preview: Modernizing Azure Resource Manager Throttling Microsoft open sources Retina: A cloud-native container networking observability platform Generally Available: Cost analysis add-on for AKS

    Tue, 26 Mar 2024
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