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495 - Show 1392: Grappling with the Mysteries of Long COVID
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  • 495 - Show 1392: Grappling with the Mysteries of Long COVID

    Our interviews this week focus on what is known and what is still being discovered about the mysteries of long COVID. We speak with a physician heading the long COVID Care Center at Yale University and with a microbiologist heading up a multidisciplinary research initiative. You could listen through your local public radio station or […]

    Wed, 17 Jul 2024 - 1h 00min
  • 494 - Show 1391: Key Steps for Healthy Feet

    This week, Joe and Terry Graedon welcome your questions about keeping your feet healthy. Dr. Jane Andersen is a foot and ankle specialist who will take your calls about a range of podiatric problems. Have you had trouble with plantar fasciitis? You can ask your questions about foot health and share your experience at 888-472-3366 […]

    Thu, 11 Jul 2024 - 1h 00min
  • 493 - Show 1390: How Insurance Company Rejections Impact Medical Care

    If you need surgery, medication or some other medical intervention, you count on your health insurance company to pay the bill. When the treatment is unusual or the expected cost is especially high, it seems reasonable to ask for prior approval. Increasingly, though, insurance companies are denying those requests and not paying the claims. How […]

    Thu, 27 Jun 2024 - 1h 00min
  • 492 - Show 1389: Getting Off the Medication Treadmill

    This week, Joe and Terry Graedon welcome your questions and stories about difficulties in stopping medicines, whether prescription or OTC. Dr. Richard Friedman, an expert on drugs to treat anxiety and mood disorders, describes the symptoms of discontinuing such an agent too suddenly. Have you had trouble getting off the medication treadmill? You can ask […]

    Thu, 13 Jun 2024 - 1h 00min
  • 491 - Show 1388: Dreams That Help People Find Hope and Meaning at Life’s End

    Our culture tends to avoid thinking about death. Even though we know it is inevitable, we tend to act as though it doesn’t actually pertain to us. As a result, most of us have spent little time learning how people find hope and meaning at life’s end. The intense dreams and visions that dying people […]

    Thu, 06 Jun 2024 - 1h 00min
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