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Legendary New York DJ Paul Cavalconte brings you the only radio show all about records, celebrating the Vinyl LP resurgence and the unique culture of analog recording.

141 - The Vinyl Experience - VE110 "Far More Drums" - 07.26.19
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  • 141 - The Vinyl Experience - VE110 "Far More Drums" - 07.26.19

    Today on The VELove to hear percussion? We'll turn the beat around and feature some great vinyl records that push the drums wayup front...and we'll note the annual celebration this week of the rock drummer who became a pop superstar...plussome cool relics spun from 45's and even a drum-centric 78. I'm PC and this is the VEPeter Gabriel: Rhythn Of The HeatJoni Mitchell: The Jungle LineThe VE with powerful drumming at the heart of Joni Mitchell's "The Jungle Line" from The Hissing Of SummerLawns from 1975, and Peter Gabriel with "Rhythm Of The Heat," off Security in 1982.Rhythm, melody and harmony--that's what music is made of. But rhythm comes first...in life too...the beating of ourmother's heart in the womb programs us to order our world with rhythm.Drummer Cozy Cole scored a late 50's hit with ....Cozy Cole: Topsy, Part 2Cream: ToadThe VE, drumming it into you this time around, with Ginger Baker bashing out "Toad" with Cream in 1966, andCozy Cole, at the dawn of rock and roll, for "Topsy."Drummers have always been flamboyant, but before Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, or even Buddy Rich, the originalwild-man drummer was Gene Krupa, who's jungle rhythm on Benny Goodman's "Sing SIng Sing" shook the raftersat Carnegie Hall in 1938. Around the same time, clarinet-competitor Woody Herman billed his orchestra as "Theband that plays the blues," and his drummer, Frank Carlson, laid a hypnotic rhythm down for "The GoldenWedding."Woody Herman: The Golden WeddingLed Zeppelin: D'yer MakerThe VE, Bonzo bashes the drums, and steals the show in "D'yer Maker," Led Zeppelin's warmest and wittiestrecord.Some legendary jazz drummers have passed inrecent years....Max Roach, Paul Motian...and just this year, JoeMorello, who played "Far More Drums" with The Dave Brubeck Quartet, a cool record not just for the grove, but forthe pioneering way that Joe's drums were recorded in the early days of stereo.Dave Brubeck Quartet: Far More Drumsside 2The VE, with far more than just drums to keep time...Bongos rock--with Preston Epps and Chico Hamilton....Preston Epps: Bongo RockTony Bennett/Chico Hamilton: Crazy RhythmThe VE with that crazy dope-smokin' beatnick---Tony Bennett? Together with Chico Hamilton, who appeared ashimself in the New York-noir classic "The Sweet Smell Of Success." Sal Mineo starred in "The Gene Krupa Story,"but the greatest matinee-idol drummer of all--Phil! This past Wednesday was once again, Phil Collins Day inBrooklyn, where the hipster parade in honor of the greatest pop-star drummer ever. The record that set Phil apartin his solo career...while still cranking out Genesis hits, was this deep, dark tune, ruined by radio overexposurethrough the years...but in spun fro the original vinyl, "In The Air Tonight, and still dramatic as ever.Phil Collins: In The Air TonightSandy Nelson Teen BeatThe VE, drumming thorugh the library with relic, "Teen Beat" by Sandy Nelson...to a classic, from the debut bySantana...Santana: Soul SacrificeThe VE...latin rhythm to ...turn the beat around. Love to hear percussion? In the mid 70's, dance music reigned,and this hot 12 inch mix of Vicki Sue Robinson's disco anthem features a hot guitar solo by Steely Dan's Elliot RandallVicki Sue Robinson: Turn The Beat AroundAnd That's the VE...."Turn The Beat Around...a record that by doing just that, far outclasses the monotonous discogenre.Love to hear more percussion? Or past Vinyl Experience Shows?...Visit the archives at prn.fm. Please Like andShare The VE on Facebook, and follow me on twitter....I'm PC

    Fri, 26 Jul 2019 - 57min
  • 140 - The Vinyl Experience - Moon Songs Pink Floyd

    "VE 279 Moon Songs Pink Floyd: Brain Damage/Eclipse Frank Sinatra: Oh You Crazy Moon David Bowie: Moonage Daydream The Band: The Moon Struck One Cat Stevens: Moonshadow Rolling Stones: Moonlight Mile Artie Shaw Orchestra: Moonglow Joni Mitchell: Moon At The Window King Crimson: Moonchild Nat Cole: Moon Love Tom Waits: Drunk On The Moon Claude Debussy: Clair de Lune "

    Fri, 19 Jul 2019 - 58min
  • 139 - The Vinyl Experience - Great American Stories

    VE 181 7/5/13 7 Great American Stories Van Morrison: Almost Independence DayThe Doors: LA WomanTom Waits: Burma ShaveMarvin Gaye: Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)Bob Dylan: JoeyBruce Springsteen : 4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)The Band: Acadian Driftwood

    Fri, 05 Jul 2019 - 54min
  • 138 - The Vinyl Experience - Apples and Oranges

    VE 126 Apples and OrangesRichard Dawson: Apples And OrangesPink Floyd: Apples And OrangesPink Floyd: IfBread: IfRoberta Flack: Feel Like Making LoveBad Company: Feel Like Making LoveBon Jovi: RunawayDel Shannon: RunawayJefferson Starship: RunawayRingo Starr: PhotographDef Leppard: PhotographCars Bye Bye LoveEverly Brothers: Bye Bye LoveRadiohead: High And DryRolling Stones: High And DryFive Satins: In The Still Of The NightFrank Sinatra: In the Still Of The NightToday on the VE... a real cool theme that will have you connecting the dots thorugh the next hour of music--butfirst, let's begin with a salute to actor and game show master Richard Dawson, who died last week, but left this 45RPM relic as part of his show business lagacy. I'm PC and this is the VE :Richard Dawson: Apples And OrangesRichard Dawson, at the height of his Hogan's Heroes fame, with the psychedelic novelty record, "Apples AndOranges." Funny...didn't Pink Floyd releaase a single with the same title at about the same time? (Pink Floyd:Apples And Oranges, est & fade) ....and so, my eureka moment....struggling with a theme for this week's VinylExperience...it's right there...like apples and oranges...some songs can share the same title, but be verydifferent..case in point--let's stay with with Pink Floyd, and a cut from their 1970 album "Atom Heart Mother," called"If, " and follow that with a very different group, song of the same title, and similar emotional tenor...can you guesswho it will be ...Pink Floyd: IfBread: IfThe VE with Bread, and Pink Floyd...two groups as different as apples and oranges, and two different, but relatablesongs with the common title of "If." See how this works. OK.. Let's stay in the early 70's....1974 specifically, whentwo songs, both on Atlantic Records, shared the same title, and the distinction of being two of the year's bigesthits...Roberta Flack: Feel Like Making LoveBad Company: Feel Like Making LoveThe VE....Feel Like Making Love, by Bad Company, and Roberta Flack. As different as Apples and Oranges...let'skeep it going , two entirely differnt eras of rock and roll, but two teen-idol bad boys, each debuting with a songcalled "Runaway."Bon Jovi: RunawayDel Shannon: RunawayThe VE, Apples and Oranges...the songs Runaway by Del Shannon ion 1961, and Bon Jovi, who was an infant theyear that came out, but shot to stardom in '83 with his tune. How about a bonus "Runaway" ?!Jefferson Starship: RunawayThe VE....same title, different songs. Like apples and oranges...or paintings and.... photographs...Ringo Starr: PhotographDef Leppard: PhotographThe VE....I know you've got the hang of this by nowCars Bye Bye LoveEverly Brothers: Bye Bye Love Apples and oranges, and Cars and Everly Brothers, "Bye Bye Love," on the VE. There are so many twin titlesongs, we'll have to do a sequel hour some time....but for now, just time for another couple of sets...this one isRadiohead's most covered tuneRadiohead: High And DryRolling Stones: High And DryThe Rolling Stones first attempt at a country-blues tune, and with fine harmonica by Mick jagger, on Aftermath's"High And Dry," and Radiohead, wit thie lonesome cowboy ballad "High ANd Dry," a tune Thom Yorke dislikes, butartists as diverse as Sugarland and Jamie Cullum, adore...they'e done their own versions...apples and orangesindeed. Let's wrap it up with some greasers, and the original skinny kid singer from the neighborhood....Five Satins: In The Still Of The NightFrank Sinatra: In the Still Of The NightAnd that's the VE. As simple as The Five Satins, as sophisticated as Sinatra.....

    Fri, 28 Jun 2019 - 58min
  • 137 - The Vinyl Experience - Summer Solstice

    VE 179 Summer SolsticeMiles Davis: SummertimeThe Band: Time To KillXTC: Season CycleRay La Montagne: For The SummerB52s: June BugThe Kinks: WonderboyLove: The Good Humor ManLovin Spoonful: Rain On the RoofSmall Faces: Itchycoo ParkTony Bennett: Lazy AfternoonPink Floyd: Grantchester MeadowsWilco: Sky Blue SkyOasis: Don't Look Back In AngerThin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back In TownToday on the VE--celebrating the summer solstice with songs to roll out the season. I'm PC and this is the VE:Miles Davis: SummertimeThe Band: Time To KillXTC: Season CycleHappy Sumer Solstice from the VE. "Season Cycle" came from XTC's album Skylarking. That record, and the onebefore it, Stage Fright by the Band were produced by Todd Rundgren, some 16 years apart. Rick Danko's song "Time To Kill' captures the easy free feeling of early summer with many sweet days ahead---- God Willing And TheCreek DOn't Rise...that's the title of Ray La Montagne's 2009 LP featuring the song "For The Summer'Ray La Montagne: For The SummerB52s: June Bug"Cosmic Thing" was one of the great LP comeback stories..for The B52's...from it, "June Bug." Summer SolsticeCelebration. spining some records from the 60s that havent lost innocence, or freshness. As the Kinks sing,"everybody's looking for the sun...."The Kinks: WonderboyLove: The Good Humor ManLovin Spoonful: Rain On the RoofA couple of American bands--Love and Lovin Spoonful...sandwiched in between British legends The Kinks...andthis summer essential by Small Faces....Small Faces: Itchycoo ParkThe VE Summer Solstice celebration continues with a couple of great word-picture songs, by artists who come fromfar corners of the galaxy..but still places where summer comes...Tony Bennett: Lazy AfternoonPink Floyd: Grantchester MeadowsAs dissimilar as Pink Floyd and Tony Bennett are, they seem to be on the same page when it comes to summerdaydreaming. From Ummagumma, early Floyd and "Grantchester Meadows" fly-swat and all...and from an earlyJune night at Carnegie hall in 1962, Tony Bennett in his prime, with the tulip trees a bloomin and the beetle bugs azoomin on a Lazy Afternoon.Summer is a state of min dtoo. If you're havin gtrouble getting into it, take refuge in these songs by Wilco and thenOasis...Wilco: Sky Blue SkyOasis: Don't Look Back In AngerOasis, from the LP with the summer tite What's The Story Morning Glory..and Wilco with the title cut of 2008's SkyBlue Sky. Finally on the VE...if all we've heard hasn't convinced you that it won't be long till summer comes--thisone will do it.Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back In Town And that's the VE...Thin Lizzy makes it official...summer's here and the time is right....to download some VE showsyou may have missed in the PRN archives and on demand at rtds.ca. Please spread the word around viafacebook, follow me on twitter, I'm PC

    Mon, 24 Jun 2019 - 56min
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