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6 Minute English

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Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. Your weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.

410 - Sounds that make you want to scream
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  • 410 - Sounds that make you want to scream

    Some sounds cause some people huge distress. Learn about 'misophonia' here.

    Thu, 28 Sep 2023
  • 409 - How fans talk about their passions

    Fandom is more than simply being a fan, and now it is developing its own language.

    Thu, 21 Sep 2023
  • 408 - Making male friends

    Do men find it harder than women to make close friendships? Neil and Beth discuss.

    Thu, 14 Sep 2023
  • 407 - Space-saving solar hacks

    How can we find space for new solar panels?

    Thu, 07 Sep 2023
  • 406 - The stories behind our names

    What can names tell us about our culture and history?

    Thu, 31 Aug 2023
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