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The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast

The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast

Radio X

You can hear The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X every morning from 6:30am to 10am on DAB Digital Radio across the UK, on 104.9FM in London, 97.7FM in Manchester, worldwide via Global Player or at

459 - Kiefer Sutherland, Deborah Meaden and Jamie Oliver #445
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  • 459 - Kiefer Sutherland, Deborah Meaden and Jamie Oliver #445

    Would you spend £200 on a sachet of mayo? I’m more of a ketchup person myself…

    Happy Fri-yay! We’ve reached the end of the week and it’s time for the next instalment of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast - the 445th episode, to be exact. 

    On the show this week, Chris and team were joined by three incredible guests. Firstly, chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, has swapped the kitchen utensils for the dictaphone as he releases his second childrens’ book, ‘Billy and the Epic Escape’. However, Jamie’s not the only one who has been busy writing, as Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden shares handy finance tips. Finally, the ‘24’ actor, musician and all-round legend, Keifer Sutherland, graced the studio to tell us all about his new venture into the whisky business. 

    As well as all that, The Boffin Booth returned as Pippa gets tested on ‘Teletubbies’, and the prize-winning game, The Wall, saw some lucky callers get some epic prizes from the Radio X cupboard. 

    Sounds good, right? Well. As Deborah Meaden would say, ‘I'm in’! Hit play and get stuck in to…

    Dom’s Euros sweepstake mistakeJames’ posh breakfastChris’ new trademark noise


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 24 May 2024 - 1h 23min
  • 458 - Rio Ferdinand, Eddie Izzard and ‘The Wall’ #444

    What would you say Dominic Byrne is best known for? Would it be reading the news and weather on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X? Well, some of you decided to rewrite his entire history on Wikipedia…


    Hey there and welcome to the 444th episode of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast. As Pippa returns from her weekend at Disneyland Paris, Chris and the team surprise her with a Radio X style Disney Breakfast: ahhh, the stuff of dreams…or nightmares. 


    This week, there were two iconic guests. Firstly, one of England's most legendary footballers, Rio Ferdinand, talked about the importance of expressing your emotions, in light of Mental Health Awareness Week. Later, the fantastic comedian and actor, Eddie Izzard caught up with Chris and the team, talking Shakespeare and the art of not swearing. 


    Also, in this episode, Chris introduces the all-new feature ‘The Wall’, where we clear out tat from the office and call them prizes, and it saw winners Robbie and Susie get some surprisingly good prizes!


    Well. That’s not all, folks! In this podcast, you’ll also be treated to…


    A voicemail about Andi Peters’ pizzaA very special Glastonbury announcementDom’s beef with Barry White



    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 17 May 2024 - 1h 23min
  • 457 - The Boffin Booth, Disneyland Antics and we meet Anna Soul #443

    Summer summer summertimeeee! 


    Hello and welcome to the latest episode of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast! The sun has its hat on, our Vis Producer Phoenix has his short shorts on and Chris and the team are back in full swing. 


    The week kicked off with a camel mug full of tea and a hint of ungratefulness…mmm, Chris’ favourite. In this episode, bursting with fun and games, you can expect an electrifying round of Happy Endings, a summery game of Reverse Words and the return of James’ Beat Of (Beat Of A Beat Of) A Song. Also, Captain Crapbeard is the second victim of the all-new all-electric Boffin Booth. With a whopping 15 minutes to learn EVERYTHING about Microsoft Excel, he had some pretty ‘shocking’ results.


    So, grab your shades, hit play, and immerse yourself in the best bits from this week, including…

    - Chris’ parody of a Disney classic

    - The Wunderbra of men’s underwear

    - James’ trip to the tip 


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 10 May 2024 - 1h 19min
  • 456 - John Cleese, Prof. Brian Cox, Tom Kerridge & Seann Walsh #442

    What would it take for you to run around Leicester Square naked? Would you do it for Star Trek merchandise? We know some of you would…

    Hello and welcome to episode 442 of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast! As Chris returns from his break, the team are back together and are in full swing for a bumper week of broadcasting. 

    This week, we introduced you to our new game ‘The Boffin Booth’, where Chris and the team tested Dom on his knowledge of Jedward knowledge, for no other reason than it’s funny, and it was pretty shocking…! 

    Also, we had four incredible guests in the studio. Firstly, Professor Brian Cox talked about bringing his incredible ‘Symphonic Horizons’ show to London’s Royal Opera House. Next, the legendary Monty Python and Fawlty Towers star, John Cleese, spread words of wisdom about comedy performance and the joys of old age. Also, comedian Seann Walsh reunited with Chris after their time in the jungle, and chef Tom Kerridge made us all crave a haddock omelette. 

    What a week! Here are some more tasty bits…

    Dom’s tummy takes a turnJames asks a very silly question
    Pippa has a tarantula terror


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 03 May 2024 - 1h 20min
  • 455 - Toby Tarrant sits in with Abbey Clancy, Dungarees and Seagulls #441

    Toby or not Toby? That is the question…

    Welcome to episode 441 of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast! This week, Toby Tarrant sat in for Chris and whatever you would have predicted for this week, I can guarantee it wasn't this. 

    In fact, as well as Toby’s new game, 'Toby or Not Toby?', he had other important questions on his mind too: is it better to have nine or ten arms? Is it acceptable to have chips with your Chinese takeaway? Toby wasn’t the only one asking questions though, as Dom ventured into Leicester Square to ask the public if they liked his Vicar’s dungarees (thanks Father Rachel). 

    As well as all that, the wonderful Abbey Clancy joined Toby and Dom to tell them about her new Global podcast, Exhibit A. Toby then took this as an opportunity to play her some throwback tunes from her brief singing career…I'll let you judge whether she enjoyed it. 

    Well. It’s all good stuff. However, if you fancy some extra Toby Tarrant titbits, you can also expect…

    A guide on how to please a woman
    Heart Breakfast’s Jamie Theakston’s opinion on chips with a Chinese

    A breakdown of Intern Bella's birthday burger


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 26 Apr 2024 - 59min
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