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463 - Boy George, Rob Brydon, Maisie Adam & Ian Wright’s Euros Update #449
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  • 463 - Boy George, Rob Brydon, Maisie Adam & Ian Wright’s Euros Update #449

    Hey friend, how ya doin’? The sun is shining, the pub gardens are booming and your favourite podcast is back. What could be better?!

    Welcome to Episode 449 of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast. This week, Pippa returned from Cuba, bringing some smokin’ hot gifts for Chris and the guys. Also, we had a smashing lineup of guests. Firstly, Chris’ favourite judge, Rob Rinder, paid a visit to the studios, so expect the usual level of loveable bickering. From one Rob to another, actor, comedian, TV host and small-man-in-a-box impersonator, Rob Brydon dropped by to tell the team all about the new Tudor-Fantasy series, ‘My Lady Jane’, which is coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. Then, comedian and football fanatic, Maisie Adam, came in to talk Leeds United, Glastonbury and her upcoming UK tour, ‘Appraisal’. Last but not least, the LEGEND that is Boy George brought glamour, giggles and gig news into the studio. 

    Also, with the Euro’s kicking off this week, some may be a little down in the dumps with England’s recent performance. BUT FEAR NOT! Ian Wright is here to spread words of wisdom, dialling into the studio from the host nation itself. 

    Sounds good, right? THERE’S MORE! The list of Glastonbury Flagbearers was finalised, Dom has an update on his embarrassing, shambolic and potentially illegal sweepstake, and also….

    Pippa flirts in WoolworthsCaptain Crapbeard hosts a Glasto-themed ‘Musical Arrangements’ gameDom has his biggest interview yet…


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 21 Jun 2024 - 1h 36min
  • 462 - Ian Wright, David Seaman and Ed Gamble #448

    If you were given a fancy new car from work, where’s the first place you’d take it? Would you fill it with rubbish and take it to the tip? Well, James did and it doesn’t get much more exciting than that!

    Hello and welcome to episode 448 of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast! This week was full of comings and goings. As Chris returns from his well-earned holiday, Pippa’s off to Cuba, and as goes for Dom, you never can tell when he'll be on or off. Here’s a word of advice: don’t get too used to Dom being around, as he may be off to prison soon…

    As the Euros kick off this week, we’re talking all things football, with two ex-England legends. Firstly, Arsenal’s second highest scorer ever, Ian Wright, brought stickers and laughs to the studio, as well as his some high hopes for England’s performance in the tournament. Let’s hope he’s Wright Wright Wright! Then, we were joined by England’s second most capped player, David Seaman, who taught the team how to take the perfect penalty. Additionally, comedian and fellow Radio X presenter Ed Gamble dropped in to the studio, and Chris gave him a taste of his own medicine, asking him some weird and wonderful interview questions. 

    Finally, with the festival just around the corner, the first batch of the Glastonbury Flags were given away this week and Captain Crapbeard revealed that he won’t shower for a week. Lovely. 

    Well, that’s enough chatter. Just hit play and your ears will be flooded with…

    Chris’ trip to Classic FM, with ‘the mostrelaxing loos’A banging game of ‘Drums Please’James’ flying new feature with Eddie Hall

    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 14 Jun 2024 - 1h 21min
  • 461 - Toby Tarrant sits in with Harry Hill, Graeme Swann, and Dom’s TikTok Challenge #447

    When Toby Tarrant sat down in Chris’ seat on Monday morning, he had one goal. To make Dominic Byrne a TikTok sensation. Did he succeed in his goal? Well you’re just going to have to listen and find out…

    This week, we were joined by three excellent guests. Harry Hill dropped by on Monday to tell us all about his new comedy tour, SCART leads, and the difference between crabsticks and rhubarb. Up next was cricketer Graeme Swann, who told us a farty story and played a round of ‘Swann in 60 seconds’. Finally, former footballer Jimmy Bullard regaled us with the stories behind some of his most iconic moments.

    Also, Love Island kicked off this week, and Producer John was on hand to watch it so you didn’t have to. He kept us up to date with all the villa ‘goss’, but not before Toby and Dom caught up with the latest Gen Z slang…


    What’s the most mundane thing you’ve ever seen a celeb doing?An update on the world’s most unorganised sweepstake.Toby wants to see Floella Benjamin on the new £50 note.

    That should keep you entertained for a while.


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 07 Jun 2024 - 1h 22min
  • 460 - Alex James, Chris Gets Electrocuted and Welcome To Wrexham #446

    Four words: Chris. Moyles. Gets. Electrocuted. 

    Interested? Thought so. 

    Hey hey! What’s the buzz? Must be Chris’ arms, as he undertook The Boffin Booth, being tested on the almighty Mr Blobby with pretty shocking results.

    There were two great guests this week. Firstly, Welcome to Wrexham’s Humphrey Ker was welcomed into the studio for a game of ‘Who Are You?’, talking all-things football, Ryan Reynolds and the back of Katy Perry’s head. Then, Chris and the team were joined by Alex James, whose CV is as follows: Blur bassist, cheese connoisseur, festival founder and Frazzle fanatic. What a guy! 

    As well as all that, Chris and the team turned their heads to the Glastonbury weekend, picking flags for some lucky listeners to take with them to the festival. 

    So, go forth, hit play, and as Toby Tarrant once said, ‘spread your cheese, wherever you please’.

    Also in this episode…

    A cheesy game of Happy Endings, inspired by Alex JamesMug-gate turns to muff-gateChris gets flashed 

    Ooh, hang on, BREAKING NEWS!

    An update on Dom’s Euros Sweepstake!

    It’s still shambolic. 


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 31 May 2024 - 1h 27min
  • 459 - Kiefer Sutherland, Deborah Meaden and Jamie Oliver #445

    Would you spend £200 on a sachet of mayo? I’m more of a ketchup person myself…

    Happy Fri-yay! We’ve reached the end of the week and it’s time for the next instalment of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast - the 445th episode, to be exact. 

    On the show this week, Chris and team were joined by three incredible guests. Firstly, chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, has swapped the kitchen utensils for the dictaphone as he releases his second childrens’ book, ‘Billy and the Epic Escape’. However, Jamie’s not the only one who has been busy writing, as Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden shares handy finance tips. Finally, the ‘24’ actor, musician and all-round legend, Keifer Sutherland, graced the studio to tell us all about his new venture into the whisky business. 

    As well as all that, The Boffin Booth returned as Pippa gets tested on ‘Teletubbies’, and the prize-winning game, The Wall, saw some lucky callers get some epic prizes from the Radio X cupboard. 

    Sounds good, right? Well. As Deborah Meaden would say, ‘I'm in’! Hit play and get stuck in to…

    Dom’s Euros sweepstake mistakeJames’ posh breakfastChris’ new trademark noise


    The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

    Weekdays 6:30am-10am

    Fri, 24 May 2024 - 1h 23min
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