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Chinese restaurants are being firebombed in the dead of night. The police arson squad is racing against the clock to stop the next attack. Along the way, there are buried weapons, secret informers, punks, ninjas, and political manoeuvres. As the rest of Australia celebrates the nation's bicentenary, a campaign of terror is getting underway in Perth. Now, in this deeply personal season of Unravel True Crime, Crispian Chan investigates what really happened after his family's restaurant went up in flames Unravel True Crime is the ABC's award-winning true crime podcast. Previous seasons include 'Blood on the Tracks', 'Barrenjoey Road', 'Last Seen: Katoomba' and 'Snowball'..

111 - PRESENTS | Great Aussie Cons
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  • 111 - PRESENTS | Great Aussie Cons

    While you're waiting on the next season of Unravel, why not check out this series on Great Aussie Cons made by our colleagues over at The History Listen? Australian history is littered with con artists, grifters and swindlers. Join renowned Australian actor Richard Roxburgh as he tells the stories of these brazen and downright deviant identities who used their charm and smarts to spy, extort and counterfeit. How did they get away with it? Find out by looking for The History Listen on the ABC Listen app.

    Tue, 11 Jun 2024 - 01min
  • 110 - BONUS | Behind the scenes

    Go behind the scenes of the podcast with co-reporters Crispian and Alex as they describe how they made this season of Unravel True Crime.

    Tue, 10 Oct 2023 - 31min
  • 109 - 07 | Close to Home

    Crispian and Alex find troubling signs among current-day extremist groups. Meanwhile, in this episode of Unravel True Crime the restaurant kids discuss how they processed what happened to their families.

    Tue, 26 Sep 2023 - 48min
  • 108 - 06 | Track Jack

    Crispian and Alex hit the road to track down the gang's leader, Jack Van Tongeren. It turns out that Jack's past contains some big surprises. Meanwhile, in this episode of Unravel True Crime a former member of the gang reveals its secrets.

    Tue, 19 Sep 2023 - 49min
  • 107 - 05 | The Gang Rises

    A decade later, the gang reemerges. In this episode of Unravel True Crime, Crispian and Alex come face to face with a former follower of the gang at a men's health and yoga retreat, sparking a bizarre and emotional reckoning. More Information Host and co-reporter: Crispian Chan Co-reporter: Alex Mann Producer and researcher: Dunja Karagic Research and fact checking: Johnny Lieu Rollout producer: Amelia Mertha Theme and music composition: Martin Peralta Sound design and additional music: Simon Branthwaite Commissioning editor: Alice Brennan Executive Producer: Tim Roxburgh

    Tue, 12 Sep 2023
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